About Me

Melissa Swindley

Advanced Diploma of Building Biology
Bach Ed, Bach Arts

I am a mum to four healthy children, a building biologist and have been a primary school teacher for 20 years.

While I have always been interested in healthy living, my four children have endured some health difficulties that conventional doctors could not help to improve. I was determined to help them, so I continued to search for clues as to what was causing my children?s asthma, eczema, anaphylactic allergies and hay fever. We carried epipens everywhere. Eating out was very difficult with the boy's nut and egg allergies.

I started by improving their gut health, cooked everything from scratch in my thermomix and tried hard to source organic produce. I concluded that although we were living a nutritionally healthy lifestyle, something was continuing to impede their full recovery.

Eventually I discovered that there was a link between their environment and their illnesses and that by following The Building Biology Principals, my children?s health improved dramatically. In addition to the dietary changes we had implemented, we reduced the dust load, reduced their exposure to dust mites, reduced their exposure to chemicals in their drinking water and to chemicals in the air that they were breathing in and which were being absorbed through their skin from personal care products, like shampoos and insect repellents. Their health improved in a short amount of time.

No longer did they constantly have repeated colds, ear and chest infections. Under our allergist's advice, the boys no longer required epipens. Their asthma and eczema improved significantly. My daughter's hay fever disappeared. I had suffered from brain fog and headaches for the last few years and I finally made the link between these symptoms and my exposure to WiFi both at home and in my workplace. I reduced my exposure to electromagnetic fields and these symptoms disappeared.

With a newly discovered passion for the relationship between our built environment and our health, I then completed an Advanced Diploma of Building Biology through the Australian College of Environmental Studies which is the only government accredited course of its kind in Australia.

I now offer you my knowledge and my personal experience to help you, to improve the health of your family, often with just a few simple, inexpensive changes to your home or office environment.

Servicing Northern Queensland, Townsville and The Burdekin

Call Melissa Swindley on 0427609270 for an informal discussion regarding your requirements.

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