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Healthy Home Audit

Fact: By the time people leave for work in the morning, the average person has already been exposed to 200 chemicals.
Fact: There is a misguided assumption that all products on our shelves have been rigorously tested for their safety to humans.

This is the most comprehensive audit available. A Building Biologist will audit your home to identify health concerns such as allergens (dust mite, pollens, mould), chemicals (pesticides, personal care or cleaning products), drinking water quality, electromagnetic fields (powerlines, mobile phone towers, WiFi) and indoor air quality hazards (lead dust). The whole house will be visually inspected, measurements are taken and then recommendations are given using the 25 Building Biology Principles to improve the environment of the home. Electromagnetic field/radiation, building materials, mould potential and air quality are analysed.
Generally takes around 3 hours and prices start from $395

Electromagnetic Field / Radiation Audit

Fact: Waiting for high levels of scientific proof before taking action on electromagnetic fields can lead to very high health and economic costs, as was the case with asbestos, leaded petrol and tobacco.

Fact: Anyone who claims there is little evidence to suggest there is a connection between man-made electromagnetic fields and human health obviously is not aware of the 25,000 plus articles that have been published on this topic in the past 30 years.

Fact: It is not uncommon for experts who make recommendations to government agencies to also be employed by the industry suspected of creating the problem.

This audit will identify all the EMF sources inside and outside your home, which could potentially be adversely affecting your health, using state of the art instruments. The magnetic fields of the power lines, meters boxes and household electrical appliances will be tested. The radiofrequency fields of mobile phone towers, wireless (WiFi) devices and cordless phones will also be measured. These levels are then compared with the Building Biology recommendations to determine if they are within these guidelines. If they exceed these guidelines, recommendations will be given to reduce these levels.
Generally takes around 2 hours and prices start from $245

Pre-Lease, Pre-rental or Pre-purchase Inspection Audit

This audit analyses the potential problems of the building before you make the huge commitment to purchase or rent. EMF, water quality, building materials, mould potential and air quality are all considered so when making the purchase or decision to rent, you have peace of mind that you are buying or renting a healthy home.
Generally takes around 2 hours and prices start from $245

Healthy Nursery Planning

Fact: Children are more susceptible to chemicals because they breathe more air, drink more water, eat more food, have higher metabolic and absorption rates, have a decreased capacity to detoxify and excrete chemicals, put things in their mouths, are in the breathing zone because they are on the floor and consume huge amounts of pureed, pesticide laden fruit.

Preparing for the arrival of your first baby is a huge and sometimes overwhelming task. You know it is so important to provide a healthy environment for your most precious new creation, but are you unknowingly providing an environment that could be adversely affecting their present health or their future health? A Healthy Nursery Audit will ensure your newly purchased products such as baby monitors, bedding, bottles, mattresses, night lights, toys and nappies are healthy options and are correctly positioned so as not to expose your baby to high electromagnetic radiation fields. Recommendations can be given for future purchases, to ensure the environment your baby comes home to gives them the healthiest start in life.
Generally takes around 2 hours and prices start from $245

Review of Cleaning and Cosmetic Household Products

Fact: There is a misguided assumption that all products on our shelves have been rigorously test for safety.
"The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion, but cosmetics are easier to buy." Yves Saint-Laurent

This audit will analyse your cleaning products, your cosmetics, your bathroom products, your kitchen storage products, your laundry powder etc and suggest healthier alternatives. If you have skin or asthma problems, it is vital that you do not expose your body to any unnecessary chemicals, so this is the perfect audit for you and your family.
Generally takes around 2 hours and prices start from $245

1 Room Audit

This is a great audit if you are only concerned about one particular room in your house. This audit will address whatever issue you have concerns about.
Generally takes around 1 hour and prices start from $195

Workplace / Office Audit

Fact: Many office spaces have high carbon dioxide levels by mid afternoon, due to poor ventilation, which has been found to significantly reduce cognitive function.

Fact: Air pollutants in an office could include cleaning supplies, air fresheners, perfume, aerosol sprays, office equipment such as copiers and printers, correction fluids, glues, adhesives, permanents markers and building materials.

A workplace audit aims to ensure that the building where employees are spending time is a healthy environment. This audit will identify what improvements can be made to the indoor working environment. These improvements may reduce illness and should improve productivity of the employees.
Generally takes around 2 hours, depending on the size of the workplace and prices start from $245

Water Testing and Water Filter Recommendations

Fact: Due to the belief that it is unethical to mass medicate an entire population, 97% of Western Europe has not fluoridated their water supply.

Fact: The American Dental Association recommend that parents DO NOT prepare infant formula with fluoridated tap water.

A water testing audit will test your water for contaminants such as copper, bacteria, iron, chlorine, lead, pesticides, nitrates, pH and total hardness. Depending on the contaminants found, a water filter will be recommended to specifically remove those contaminants, so that your family can drink the healthiest water possible. In instances where chlorine is a problem, a shower filter may also be recommended.
Generally takes around 1 hour, cost is $245

Design a Healthy Home

Fact: Living in close proximity to air, water and noise pollution and electromagnetic fields may expose your family to hazards that can have devastating consequences on their health and wellbeing.

Fact: Living within 200 metres of heavy traffic will exacerbate asthma and allergies.

A building biologist will help you to choose an appropriate site location and building orientation, identify health hazards prior to renovating or building, prevent condensation and mould-related problems, minimise exposure to harmful electromagnetic fields, minimise exposure to harmful toxicants by choosing the best building materials and furnishings, choose heating and cooling systems suitable for allergy suffers, choose healthier lighting options and help implement integrated pest management control.
Cost is $150 per hour. The time will vary depending on your requirements.


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